Considerations of a trumpet player

"A fascinating read for discerning brass aficionados who want to know a bit more about the acoustic affects on playing." - Chris Houlding

"Considerations of a Trumpet Player" is an accessible combination of the physics of the trumpet applied to playing the trumpet efficiently. This book offers advice to players of all stages on things to consider when practising. Featured topics in the book include:


  • Buzzing & Embouchure 

  • Tone

  • Range

  • Breathing

  • Buying a trumpet 


The book begins with an approachable look at the physics behind the process, enabaling readers to be fully informed about the instrument. On this website can be found videos mentioned in the book as well as videos further explaining other ideas. There is also useful links that helped to create the book and a forum for further discussion. If you would like to purchase a copy please get in touch.